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Glowing Expectations

Glowing Expectations provides safe and friendly exercise for every pregnant woman wanting a healthier pregnancy, easier birth, faster recovery and fitness for Motherhood!

Our circuit sessions combine cardio, resistance training, Pilates, yoga and stretching to strengthen and tone your whole body – with special focus on your abs and lower back!

All exercises are modified to suit your level of fitness, stage of pregnancy and changes in your body, so we can cater for everyone from the beginner to the experienced exerciser.

Our small groups of 2-5 women ensure you still enjoy personal attention whilst meeting other pregnant women and mums. A wide choice of session times and our flexible arrival feature makes it easy to fit fitness into your schedule.

We also offer personal training or can design a program for your gym, home or park if you prefer.

GPs and Obstetricians recommend us because doing the right exercise in pregnancy can:

Release ‘feel good’ hormones which reduce anxiety and enhance mental wellbeing

Prevent excessive weight gain and the onset of gestational diabetes

Alleviate common ailments such as back pain, tiredness, cramps and constipation.


Women's Group Excercise sessions$45 
 Including flex-arrival feature & 19 hours of sessions to choose from.
 Every time you attend 8 sessions in 4 consecutive weeks you get a free session.

Q & A Videos about exercise and pregnancy


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