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Glowing Expectations

Glowing Expectations provides safe and friendly exercise for every pregnant woman wanting a healthier pregnancy, easier birth, faster recovery and fitness for Motherhood!

We offer 3 options:


Our Pregnancy Exercise Specialist will come to your home for a one off consultation to design you a program for home, the outdoors, or your gym and answer any questions you may have about exercise during prgnancy, like, how do you know if you are exercising too hard and how to train your abdominals effectively and safely.

Personal Training

Our personal trainer comes to your home for regular personal training sessions.

These workouts can combine cardio, resistance training, Pilates, yoga and stretching to strengthen and tone your whole body – with special focus on your abs and lower back!

All exercises are modified to suit your level of fitness, stage of pregnancy and changes in your body, so we can cater for everyone from the beginner to the experienced exerciser.

Online Pregnancy Fitness & Wellbeing Program

  • The most affordable, convenient and fun way to workout during pregnancy
  • Weekly emails to check in with you throughout pregnancy
  • Varied workouts for your home and gym with over 50 exercises and stretches
  • Instructional videos for every exercise and stretch included in the program
  • Useful video interviews with a Womens' Health Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Counsellor and Stylist
  • Factsheets on lots of pregnancy fitness and wellbeing topics
  • Print out your workouts and factsheets or access them directly from your phone
GPs and Obstetricians recommend us because doing the right exercise in pregnancy can:

Release ‘feel good’ hormones which reduce anxiety and enhance mental wellbeing

Prevent excessive weight gain and the onset of gestational diabetes

Alleviate common ailments such as back pain, tiredness, cramps and constipation.


Pregnancy Sessions60 min90 Min
One Off Consultation $150 $200
PT Sessions 45min 60min
Ongoing Personal Training $90 $110
Online Pregnancy Fitness & Wellbeing Program $249 for the complete 34 week program

Q & A Videos about exercise and pregnancy


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