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Mum's Fitness

We will get you back in shape and feeling great so you enjoy motherhood and long term good health.

Immediately post birth (vaginal or C-section) we do a light ‘rehabilitative’ workout focusing mainly on retraining the core and pelvic floor – if needed knitting the abs back together, and restabilising the pelvis and lower back.

As your body is ready we slowly progress the exercises, add more variety and intensity until you are back to your pre pregnancy shape – or better!

Through our varied circuits of cardio, resistance training, TRX, boxing, Pilates, yoga and stretching you will achieve total fitness for life – and not get bored.

We balance the social side of chatting to other mums with addressing every mum’s individual needs by keeping the groups small.

Mums need flexibility, so we offer a wide choice of extended session times, with flexible arrival and easy rescheduling – so you can always enjoy your time out for body and mind.

Special features for mums:

  • Bring your baby – toddlers and older kids are welcome too
  • Your baby will always be in your sight not away in a crèche
  • Our trainers have nanny experience to help you with your bub
  • Stop and feed if bub gets hungry... then re-join the session

GPs and Obstetricians recommend us because a supervised, progressive return to exercise is far more safe and beneficial than doing nothing for weeks then trying to return to your usual exercise.


Women's Group Excercise sessions$45 
 Including flex-arrival feature & 19 hours of sessions to choose from.
 Every time you attend 8 sessions in 4 consecutive weeks you get a free session.


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