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Consultations for health, fitness and nutrition programs

Our consultations offer one on one time with an experienced trainer to design a program specifically for you and any health, fitness or nutrition goal or concern you have.

  • Innovative exercise programs for independent training in a gym, home or the outdoors
  • Guidance on how to use exercise bands and balls to create exciting whole body workouts
  • Improve your performance in triathlons, golf, tennis or any other recreational sport
  • Nutritional advice for weight loss or gain, insulin resistance and diabetes or general health
  • Assistance with recovery from surgery (hysterectomy, C-section, pelvic floor reconstruction)
  • Improved posture and decreased back pain through ‘core’ education and flexibility training
  • Trouble shooting exercises so an injury doesn’t lead to de-conditioning of the whole body
  • Specialised help on how best to exercise with chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis or diabetes
We can get you on track in one session so you don’t need to worry about living nearby, membership or what your budget is.

You will have our small, private studio all to yourself and the expertise of a trainer with 28 years in the health and fitness industry – that’s why doctors recommend us!


Health and Fitness Consultation60 Mins90 Mins
   $100  $130


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