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fitness-tips-for-busy-parents FITNESS TIPS FOR BUSY PARENTS | Health Hub

The start of a new financial year may have you reviewing the family budget, among other things. What better time to also take a look at how you can improve your family’s health. Here are some helpful hints that you can put into practice today.

Keep your values in mind

Goal setting may be something you leave to athletes and company bosses, not do around the dinner table with your kids. However, equally effective is regularly reminding yourself that health and fitness are intrinsically linked to your core values – ‘I go running twice per week, so I have the energy to be a great parent’. You can also pass this important message on to your kids – ‘I play ball with my kids in the park, so they improve and can enjoy the game more with their friends’. Living by a value of health and fitness can enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of every member of the family.

Have healthy snacks on hand

It’s so tempting to grab less than healthy snacks for yourself, or your kids, because you are in a rush, running late, stuck in traffic or a waiting room and someone is hungry – now! Fill your fridge at home and work, your car and handbag and their lunchbox and sports bag, with healthy snacks. Neither you, nor your kids need a large dose of fat, sugar, or additives just because you were caught on the hop and it was the most convenient option to hand. Treats should be a conscious choice that you fully enjoy, occasionally.

Getting active together

Before kids, when your time was your own, you could go to the gym 5 days per week after work. With the arrival of little ones comes the need to think outside the box. Look at your lifestyle and the people in your life for opportunities to get more active. Maybe you and your partner could each have a weekly exercise hour, whilst the other looks after the kids. Perhaps ‘grandparent time’ is another option to go get a fitness fix. Try booking a tennis court, or take a bat and ball to the local park and have a knock about as a family. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are all moving.

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fitness-tips-for-busy-parents FITNESS TIPS FOR BUSY PARENTS | Health Hub
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